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Huge Variety of Landscaping Supplies in Saskatoon

Deptuck’s Landscaping & Supplies in Saskatoon provides several varieties of landscape supplies to add the finishing touches to your yard, commercial property, or garden. Deptuck’s Landscaping & Supplies also supplies, delivers, and installs several features for your yard or commercial property. The vast variety of options we have available will result in a landscape that is truly your own.

Irregular Slate

We have several varieties of irregular slate available, which is often used for stone paths, patios, and retaining walls. Irregular slate is naturally cut piece of rock with irregular edges. Our irregular slate products include:

  • Black
  • Purple
  • Rocky Mountain Green
  • Rocky Mountain Silver
  • Charmin
  • Homestead
  • Kota Black
  • Copper
  • Black Rundle


We also offer irregular sandstone, which is another option for path, patio, and retaining wall material. We offer the following colors:

  • Rainbow
  • Red
  • Grey
  • Teak

We also offer square cut sandstone, including black limestone.

Decorative Rock

The use of Deptuck Landscaping & Supplies’ decorative rock creates nearly endless design options for plant beds, gardens, and several other area of your yard or commercial property. Our decorative rock products include:

  • Purple Essex
  • Black Obsidian
  • Turquoise
  • Red Shale
  • Milky White
  • Yellow
  • Mica
  • Nevada
  • Polished Pebbles
  • Rainbow
  • Dalmatian
  • Black Lava
  • Purple Lava
  • Tan Shale
  • Grey
  • Browns

Organic Compost

Organic Compost

Our organic compost is excellent for organic farming certified with no animal Bi-products.

Compost Mixes

Organic Compost

Top soil is a crucial material for finishing and maintaining a healthy garden. There are several options and our staff can help you choose the best one for your property. We offer:

  • Organic Compost
  • Compost & Topsoil Mix
  • Compost Pellets—for easy application
  • Topsoil & Manure Mix
  • Topsoil, Compost, & Sand
  • Agriculture Manure

Our Premium Compost Mixes are screened to 1/4 “ or ½” inch size and can be delivered in bulk, Super Sacks, or 22L Bags for your convenience. Our Compost Pellets are available in Super Sacks or 40lb back for your convenience.

Water Features

Choose from any of these water features to add beautiful, flowing water to your property:

  • Basalt Columns
  • Black Marble Rocket
  • Flame
  • Twist
  • Pyramid Falls
  • Port Hole Black Granite
  • Rainbow Marble Rocket


  • Black Marble
  • Diamond
  • Free Form
  • Wavy
  • Triangle
  • Green Marble
  • Tumbled Stepping Stones


  • Dalmation
  • Mica
  • Green
  • Red Granite
  • Black Obsidian
  • Rose Quartz
  • White
  • Chinese Marble
  • Burgundy Lava
  • Amethyst Stone
  • Turquoise Green
  • Rundle
  • Tufa

Circular Kits

  • 12' Diameter Chocolate
  • Sunset & Grey
  • 12’ Black Limestone
  • Sandstone, 12’ Diameter
  • Chocolate, Sunset & Grey

Stone Steps

  • Rock Faced Steps
  • 4', 5', and 6' width
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