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Natural Grass Rejuvenation in Saskatoon, SK

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A division of Deptuck’s Landscaping & Supplies, Compfert Compost is dedicated to supplying high quality composting material to our customers. Compfert Compost will rejuvenate your lawn while enhancing the environment for your flowers, scrubs, and trees. This simple mixture will give others the impression that you have employed a professional gardener. Compost nourishes the soil to create more attractive grass and plants by increasing the soil’s ability to hold nutrients and water. Rather than using harmful chemicals, Compfert Compost does the same job, only better and with natural ingredients. We recently added wood burning and compost pellets to our product line in 2012.

The benefits of Compfert Compost include the reuse of organic materials, reducing waste and greenhouse gas, and recycling natural nutrients. The pellets are easy to apply and last a long time.

Our Premium Compost Mixes are screened to 1/4 “ or ½” inch size and can be delivered in bulk, Super Sacks, or 22L Bags for your convenience. Our Compost Pellets are available in Super Sacks or 40lb bags for your convenience.

Top soil is a crucial material for finishing and maintaining a healthy garden. There are several options and our staff can help you choose the best one for your property. We offer:

Holding Compost Mixture
  • Organic Compost
  • Compost & Topsoil Mix
  • Compost Pellets—for easy application
  • Topsoil & Manure Mix
  • Topsoil, Compost, & Sand
  • Agriculture Manure

Here is a guideline for applying this revolutionary product:

  • New Flower Bed: 4” of compost and roto till
  • Shrubs: 2” of compost once per year
  • Trees: 2” of compost around the tree
  • Existing Flower Garden: 2” of compost over the top soil
  • New Lawns: Apply 3” to 4” of compost, roto till into the soil, and plant the grass seed
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